Simply Squared Designs offers a variety of custom built, distressed picture frames. Each frame is first imagined, then created. They are meticulously hand crafted and finished with a multi-step distressing process. We offer a variety of colors and finishing techniques. Donnie completed the Rocky Mountain Painting School where he learned a number of faux finishing and painting techniques. We apply these techniques to our products as well as refinishing furniture. Our customers are able to choose the size, color and finishing technique that they want. For more information or to place an order contact us at


frames for a wedding

Just thought we would post this pic, with a big thanks to Kimberlee Miller Photography :)...
One of our sweet customers from California used our frames as table toppers, numbering the tables for guests.

Amy, it was a pleasure to work with you! We wish you and Jeremy the very best!



Hi Everyone..we've been MIA lately. We have been so busy...not complaining, just swamped right now with orders and all of the fall shows. So may of you have asked about the adoption. We have started a separate blog for the adoption. Our business is growing at a VERY fast pace, so we will keep this blog for the business, and have a seperate blog for adoption news. As many of you know, we have built these frames for about 5 years now along with other artistic projects. Before, it was a side job for Donnie, now he says he's gonna have to quit his job just to keep up...sometimes I have to remind him of those wonderful benefits that come along with his job. Retirement, GREAT insurance...just can't give those up! So I guess he will have to adjust to staying up all hours of the night working!
Our latest news...we met some other frame vendors...with our name!!! They were so very nice and we enjoyed meeting and talking with them. We love meeting and getting to know other vendors (not just frame vendors!!!) Love all of the artists out there! So, we have decided to change our name...before, it was just a side job, now it is a rapidly growing business and we embrace this time to change our name and take on new ideas! We strive to give you truly unique frames...with our new name, you will see LOTS of new and original ideas! We have a name in mind, but will not share it until we have decided for sure :) STAY TUNED!!!
Will post some more pics soon.
Here is the link to follow our adoption journey.