Simply Squared Designs offers a variety of custom built, distressed picture frames. Each frame is first imagined, then created. They are meticulously hand crafted and finished with a multi-step distressing process. We offer a variety of colors and finishing techniques. Donnie completed the Rocky Mountain Painting School where he learned a number of faux finishing and painting techniques. We apply these techniques to our products as well as refinishing furniture. Our customers are able to choose the size, color and finishing technique that they want. For more information or to place an order contact us at


Breaking News

For those of you who read my last post and did what i know who you are...thanks! I WON, I WON, I WON!!! I am super duper excited about this, I never win anything!! So, thanks to all who crossed their fingers for me. And for those of you who, ahem...battled against me for this win (you know who you are as well) I'm so sorry for your loss (heheeeheehee) Just kidding :) Ready for some more exciting news? We are gonna be a part of Lemon Drop Studios Giveaway Love in the next few keep checking back with my amazing friend Shauna, at Lemon Drop Studio for a chance to win a free frame. This news update keeps getting better and better, huh?!?!


Giveaway Love

My sweet friend of Lemon Drop Studio is hosting an amazing giveaway... if you enter and win, you will receive an 8x10 silhouette ...don't have kiddos? don't worry, she can create silhouettes for animals as well...don't have one of those....well go get one from a shelter! Anyhoo, go visit Shauna and fall in love with all of her fun goodies! P.S. Her winners are chosen by a random generator, will you join me and cross your fingers that it picks me, please...pretty please?


back, and out

Hi sweet fans! Thanks to everyone who sent kind words and thoughts our way during our family emergency. We appreciate it bunches!
We are back in action, have been for a while, just trying to sort through everything. We are headed out this evening to begin our non-stop, 11 week/weekends art show/home show journey...whew, we've never been so booked, but we're super excited!
Can't wait to see everyone :)