Simply Squared Designs offers a variety of custom built, distressed picture frames. Each frame is first imagined, then created. They are meticulously hand crafted and finished with a multi-step distressing process. We offer a variety of colors and finishing techniques. Donnie completed the Rocky Mountain Painting School where he learned a number of faux finishing and painting techniques. We apply these techniques to our products as well as refinishing furniture. Our customers are able to choose the size, color and finishing technique that they want. For more information or to place an order contact us at


Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We have enjoyed our time off but are excited to start a new year doing what we love, and of course we can't start a new year without some new designs!!! So, be checking back...they are not in the works yet, but will be soon. There's nothing very exciting to post about right now, but we do have some of those cheesy New Years Resolutions...
1-we are going to try to get some sort of stock built up. We often have people wanting to come see what we have in stock and we never have more than 2 or 3! So, we are gonna try to get lots of frames built up, so we don't have to kill ourselves getting ready from show to show.
2-organize, organize, organize...we have no choice, we have to become more organized :)
3-last but certainly not least, we have to commit to ourselves, to take time to rest. There are times we are so busy, that we do not get in the bed until 2 in the morning. Not only are we exhausted (Donnie especially b/c he still has to get up and go to work) but it's easy to get burned out during those times. We love what we do and do not want to get burned out, so rest and some time off occasionally, has to be a part of the process.
We are looking forward to another great year!