Simply Squared Designs offers a variety of custom built, distressed picture frames. Each frame is first imagined, then created. They are meticulously hand crafted and finished with a multi-step distressing process. We offer a variety of colors and finishing techniques. Donnie completed the Rocky Mountain Painting School where he learned a number of faux finishing and painting techniques. We apply these techniques to our products as well as refinishing furniture. Our customers are able to choose the size, color and finishing technique that they want. For more information or to place an order contact us at


We Are Still Alive and Kicking!!

First let me say that this is Donnie, and Misty is better at this than me. This will officially be my first blog post ever. I felt the need to put something on here, since people are emailing and asking if we still build frames. The answer is YES!
Second, sorry for not posting since February, but life has been a little crazy. Spring was busy with, what else, frames. We moved into our new house. Summer started and it's hot and crazy, and now we are starting to, once again, kill ourselves to get ready for our Fall Season. We have several shows coming up, most out of state, but we are excited, I think.
We look forward to seeing our great customers during the next couple of months. If you have any questions or frame requests, please email us, we would love to create something great for you.
Next, look forward to a real post from Misty. She's much more fun than I am.